High Potential Program

At Lalor Secondary College we believe that the opportunity should exist for every student to achieve their full potential. Beginning in 2012, Lalor Secondary College introduced a High Potential Learning Program for students identified with high learning potential. The Program runs from Years 7 to 10.


Every student beginning Year 7 at Lalor Secondary College is tested during Term Four of their Grade 6 year. Students are tested on their Literacy and Numeracy skills and are given an Abstract Reasoning Test designed to identify academic potential regardless of educational background. This test was specifically chosen to complement the cultural diversity of our school.

The program

Students who are selected for the Lalor Secondary College High Potential Learning Program undertake an extended curriculum in English, Humanities, and Science, and are placed in ability-appropriate Mathematics classes. The curriculum designed for these students allows for extension on a class and individual level, and is invaluable in expanding the school curriculum to allow student extension, where appropriate, across all classes. Curricula is structured to link English, Humanities and Science to the common theme of ‘Our World’, allowing students to explore and question the world they live in, expanding upon this each year.

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