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Wellbeing Philosophy

At Lalor Secondary College, we understand that the holistic development of our students goes beyond academics. We are committed to creating an environment where students can thrive emotionally, socially, and academically. Our dedicated Wellbeing Team plays a pivotal role in supporting the overall health, wellbeing, and development of our students.

 The Wellbeing Team at Lalor Secondary College equally recognises the importance and contribution happiness, and wellbeing plays in achieving key learning outcomes and sustained academic success for students.

As an educational setting, we are committed to providing a physically and emotionally safe and supportive environment for students, their families and staff who make up the Lalor Secondary College community. We believe the emotional and physical wellbeing of our students is pivotal to their success at school and in their future lives.

Physically and emotionally healthy students are happy, able to deal positively with life’s challenges, experience a sense of connectedness with the school, engage productively in learning, and are well placed to develop into well-balanced, kind, resilient and successful young adults.

It is well documented, if you can get the balance right between academic, social, emotional, and spiritual – focusing on the whole child, you increase the possibility of achieving improved-sustained outcomes for children and young people in an educational environment.  

Wellbeing Team

At Lalor Secondary College, we prioritise the mental, emotional, and social wellbeing of our students. Our Wellbeing Team takes a considered, proactive, and collaborative approach to create a nurturing and inclusive environment that encourages students to flourish and become better versions of themselves.

The Wellbeing Team consists of a student wellbeing leader, two school counsellors, a mental health practitioner, careers pathways-transitions advisor. An extension of the Wellbeing Team includes a disability inclusion leader, programs leader, three student engagement officers and sickbay attendant. The Wellbeing Team also collaborates with a departmental liaison officer-psychologist, speech pathologist, nurse, and koori education support officer to support the individual needs of students whilst servicing and harnessing the school health and wellbeing needs.

The Wellbeing Team has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with children, young people, and families. We are continually collaborating with staff and external support services, and committed to achieving positive outcomes for students and families.

The Wellbeing Team provides individual counselling and case management support to students for matters such as mental health, grief and loss, bullying, learning difficulties and study skills support, workload and stress management, friendship/social issues, family complexities, anger management and dysregulation concerns, and general welfare support is available.

Our wellbeing staff are available for one-on-one consultations with students who may need additional support, guidance, or simply someone independent to talk to in a therapeutic space. Wellbeing staff can assist with mediating conflict between students and referrals to external support agencies and services are made where appropriate. The Wellbeing Team helps inform school policies and play a pivotal role facilitating and delivering school based [wellbeing focused] programs and initiatives.

The Wellbeing Team at Lalor Secondary College work with individual sub-schools and encourage a culture where students take initiative and look out for one another. The Wellbeing Team also work directly with individual student managers and various student cohorts to promote kindness, inclusivity, and a sense of community within the school.

Student Wellbeing Referrals

Students and family members are welcome to contact the Wellbeing Team to discuss specific needs or concerns and complete a referral. To schedule an appointment, please call the school on 9436 7300 and ask to speak to a member of the Wellbeing Team. Alternatively, wellbeing staff can be emailed directly. Students can self-refer by going to the Wellness Centre and communicate their issues or concerns to a member of the Wellbeing Team and by completing a student wellbeing self-referral form.

Wellbeing Team Location

The Wellbeing Team is situated in the Wellness Centre which is located on the ground level of the Learning Arts building near the library resource centre and general office. Students are welcome to visit the Wellbeing Team (Wellness Centre) to introduce themselves and become familiar with the wellness space and acquire reputable youth related wellbeing resources.

Wellbeing Focused Programs & Initiatives

Throughout the school year, the Wellbeing Team organise workshops and wellbeing focused initiatives on various topics related to student wellbeing. These sessions cover stress management, grief and loss, resilience building, mindfulness, and more. Wellbeing program and workshops are designed for students at Lalor Secondary College to provide young people with valuable life skills that will serve them well beyond their time at Lalor Secondary College.

The Wellbeing Team collaborates with the Student Programs and Engagement Team to ensure the delivery of contemporary and relevant whole school programs. Various programs are implemented at a whole school level, a particular year level, for small groups or targeted programs are developed to address identified issues or group concerns. This preventative and early intervention approach promotes harm reduction / minimisation whilst fostering positive and favourable outcomes for students at the college.

The Wellbeing Team plays an integral role facilitating and delivering wellbeing focused initiatives throughout the year. Students, families, and staff are welcome to see a member of the Wellbeing Team for a detailed outline of wellbeing programs available, as the implementation and delivery of programs vary each year. 

At Lalor Secondary College we understand that academic success is closely linked to wellbeing. Our After School Homework Program, is facilitated by our Wellbeing Leader, Mr Laz Zaekis, in collaboration with The Smith Family and Whittlesea Community Connections, providing a structured and supportive environment for students to complete their homework assignments and seek assistance when needed. This program not only helps students excel academically but also reduces the stress associated with homework.

At Lalor Secondary College our After School Homework Program is delivered weekly in the College Library Resource Centre over the course of the year between 3pm– 4pm. Students have the option of leaving early and are not required to stay the length of the program. Teachers and trained volunteer tutors attend each session to assist students with work; students are encouraged to bring their digital devices for educational purposes. Students have access to digital devices i.e., computers / laptops, internet, and library resources, whilst staff from the Wellbeing Team provide supervision and assist students in getting themselves organised to complete work.

The After School Homework Program is open to students in all year levels (year 7 to 12); however, parent/guardian/carer consent is essential and required for students who want to attend the program. After School Homework Program consent forms are available from the general office or the Wellness Centre.  

At Lalor Secondary College the Wellbeing Team in partnership with the Raise Foundation delivers the ‘In School Mentoring Opportunity’ (Ismo) Program at Lalor Secondary College.

Raise Foundation is a registered Australian charity which improves the lives of young people in our community by providing school and community-based mentoring programs and personal development workshops. 

Our mentoring initiative is led by the Wellbeing Team Leader, Mr Laz Zaekis and Raise Program counsellor where students are paired with caring and experienced mentors. These mentors provide guidance, advice, and a listening ear to help students navigate the challenges of adolescence. This program aims to build strong mentor-mentee relationships that contribute to students’ personal growth, development, and wellbeing.

The School Mentoring Opportunity focus’ on helping young people make informed choices, strengthen social connections, advance their wellbeing and coping strategies, increase their self-confidence, identify, and achieve their goals, and engage in further education and employment.

The Wellbeing Team provides students opportunities to attend stress management and mindfulness workshops. The workshops encourage students to reflect on their daily challenges and the various competing demands confronted in adolescence. The stress management and mindfulness programs aim to assist students by running workshops with a focus on mindfulness and meditation. Some of the themes covered include positive thinking; nutrition; sleep; organisation; encouraging healthy and active lifestyles; art therapy; connecting with people and meditation / breathwork. 


The Wellbeing Team in collaboration with the Year 7 Student Management Team coordinate a Pre-Orientation Support Program which aims to assist a selected group of prospective Year 7 students with their transition into secondary school. With the help of trained and skilled student mentors, these Grade 6 students learn what it’s like to be a secondary student and familiarise themselves with the school grounds, school diaries and combination locks. It also gives students an opportunity to begin developing and cultivating positive -meaningful social connections with their peers and get to meet some of their likely teachers.

Lalor Secondary College recognises the current and everchanging economic climate and that a large portion of our families in our community may experience financial adversity at any given time. Therefore, the Wellbeing Team, where applicable, may provide students and their families assistance in the following ways: state school relief, scholarships; uniform assistance, second-hand textbooks (if available), stationary, food/snacks and advocacy. 

Finally, at Lalor Secondary College, we are committed to nurturing not only the academic but also the social- emotional growth and development of our students. Our Wellbeing Team is here to support, guide, and empower every student to reach their full potential and become the best version of themselves. We believe that the wellbeing of our students is a collective effort. Parents, guardians, carers, teachers, and the wider school community all play a vital role in supporting and fostering our students’ wellbeing.

If you have any questions, please contact the Wellbeing Team on (03) 9463 7300.

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The Wellbeing Team at Lalor Secondary College wish to show our respect and acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land, of elders past, present and emerging, on which we live, learn and conduct our wellbeing practice.

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