Year 7 to 9 - Middle Years

The Middle Years are centred on encouraging students to become independent learners by engaging in a range of programs as well as build their capacity to become positive members of the community. At Lalor Secondary College we emphasise literacy and numeracy through all subject areas. E-learning is also used to support and enhance their learning. At each Year level, we acknowledge the differing emphasis for a successful Middle Years Program.

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Year 7 – ‘A Time to Change’

A student’s journey at Lalor Secondary College begins with our strong transition program that aims to set the framework for learning by developing positive relationships across the school to support their secondary school experience. The Year 7 curriculum encompasses core subjects that provide the structure and learning experiences of all that the school has to offer.

Year 8 – ‘A Time to Build’

Year 8 students are supported to build on their knowledge and skills through a core curriculum. Students also participate in an ‘Inquiry’ subject which allows them to investigate real world problems through inquiry-based learning. Students continue to study the language they have chosen in Year 7. The Year 8 curriculum aims to provide students with a deeper level of understanding of the key elements of the core program.

Year 9 – ‘A Time to Explore’

At Year 9, students explore varied interests and pathways through a wide choice of specialist subjects which is supported by the Year 9 core curriculum. Students participate in the ‘Explore’ program which is designed to develop independence, confidence, and life skills. The Year 9 curriculum empowers students to explore opportunities and supports their individual learning goals and career pathways.

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